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Via Frignani, 53
48121 Ravenna RA

Giulio Alvigini, Zed1, Pixel Pancho, ERON, Basik, Giuseppe Veneziano, Andrea Ravo Mattoni

Bonobolabo puts art within everyone’s reach, respecting the planet and those who inhabit it and, through various projects, has been striving for this for years. First among them is the artist skate project, which now has more than thirty collaborations with internationally renowned names largely from the urban art world. The work lands on an unusual medium that consequently changes function and challenges the artist and the viewer. In addition, the majority of the skateboards are animated in augmented reality: by framing the artwork with the free Aria-the AR Platform app, it will be possible to see the artworks come to life, coming out of the medium accompanied by an audio track. Many of the skateboards are made in Italy by young artisans and, for every piece sold, to benefit a project
ostenible, Bonobolabo pledges to plant a tree with the support of Treedom.