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Candy Snake Gallery

Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 6
20159 Milano MI

Pietro Di Corrado, Ilaria Fasoli, Naomi Gilon, Mattia Sarti

Candy Snake Gallery is a contemporary art gallery committed to the promotion of emerging art, with a main focus dedicated to identifying the most interesting authors of the new generation. Candy Snake Gallery is directed by Andrea Lacarpia and is an evolution of the previous project Arctic Dwelling, whose curatorial approach it confirms. Candy Snake Gallery, located in Milan’s Isola district, hosts solo and group exhibitions. In addition, Candy Snake Gallery participates in trade fairs and organizes exhibitions in other places by collaborating with different entities.

Concept for the fair

Candy Snake Gallery presents at UnFair the works of four emerging artists from research related to contemporary visual imagery, rendered with forms and colors with strong vitality: Pietro Di Corrado, Ilaria Fasoli, Naomi Gilon, Mattia Sarti. Elements of collective memory and individual unconsciousness are mixed in an engaging visual mashup between popular culture and personal experience.