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Elena Simoni, Marie Sugimoto, Margareta Senkova, Alberto Gagliardi

An urban, contemporary and eclectic exhibition space in the heart of Bologna’s historic center.
We like to call it this: it is what you don’t expect, where you don’t expect it! It feeds on Pop cultures and was born from the passion for art collecting of Tiziana Sanzone, the space’s creator and curator, and her partner in life and work, Fabrizio Valentino.
The gallery will allow you to get in touch with some artistic currents-Pop Surrealism, Pop Art, and Contemporary Figurative-through all possible media: Fine Art prints, Vinyl Art Toys, one-of-a-kind pieces, specialized publishing, and site-specific textile design realizations. The exhibitions will be dedicated to established artists as well as rising stars of contemporary art. Two rooms available.
BIG EYES ART GALLERY was created inside the historic Fabrica Features Concept Store with the intention of making the concept of Art more usable. No more barriers due to reverential fear often brought about by structures that are exclusive containers aimed at certain elites.
To whom is BEAG addressed? We are targeting an audience of young collectors whom we can guide in their first purchases, guaranteeing them an excellent investment.

Concept for the fair

Big Eyes art gallery will present a selection of young emerging artists carefully selected to show through their art the representation of the contemporary. They are united by the figurative modus of expression but each of them will develop a theme pertinent to the character and mission of the fair event the themes of gender identity, freedom of expression and self-acceptance, the themes of mass media consumerism and the global circulation of different cultures . Three out of four artists will be women, some Italian and some foreign, and the expressive techniques will range from acrylic on canvas to papier machè sculpture, graphic art, original drawings and limited edition fine art prints.