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Via Tagliamento, 1
20139 Milan MI


Charles Stagna

BONVINI 1909 is a cultural and creative enterprise born from the recovery of the old Cartoleria e Tipografia Fratelli Bonvini Milano, a historic workshop founded in 1909. Organizes exhibitions, presentations, workshops and also printing activities in the workshop using traditional letterpress techniques. Among the artists and illustrators with whom he collaborates on an ongoing basis are Cabaret Typographie, Francesca Bazzurro, Carlo Stanga, Sylvie Bello, Atelier Bingo, Simonetta Capecchi, Giulia Neri, Paolo Petrantoni, Michele Tranquillini, Libri Finti Clandestini, Pietro Scarnera.

Concept for the fair

Miracles in Milan is the container of illustrations, sketches and research that Carlo Stanga has been doing on the city since 2015. The city’s iconic places of culture and art, the transforming spaces of the Railway Yards and disused factories are the subject of this work. Illustrations attentive to detail, architectural description, and construction of contexts using recurring literary and film references and imaginary cues. Carlo Stanga is an architect, illustrator and book author. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, he continued his education by attending art and design studios, including Studio Bruno Munari. He collaborates with major magazines and newspapers around the world and with cultural institutions, design and communication agencies