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6-1-23 Onosato
590-0526 Sennan City Osaka Japan


Francis Mazzi

My current work seeks to connect East and West through a simplified, richly textured aesthetic. I am inspired by the ancient world, nature and mythology are common themes in my creations especially from the Far East and Europe. Using iridescent palettes and three-dimensional surfaces, I evoke all that man has forgotten, from the skin of dragons to the light of waterfalls, the rays of the sun and the nature of Tuscan fields. I am very passionate about archaeology and through my vision, I want to reconnect people to our ancient past to what we have left behind. Since ancient times man has felt the need to surround himself with ‘powerful’ objects that could help him in some way I think it is a human need, a powerful, propitiatory, auspicious symbolism. This is where my philosophy begins: to be inspired by myths and legends to create objects with their own memory and strength. My creations are conceptually inspired by Eastern minimalism, maintain Italian elegance, European classicism and are characterized by a marked aesthetic. Asian composure shows the sheer beauty of symbolism found whenever reference is made to the classical aesthetic canons of especially European antiquity.