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Via Lambro 1
20900 Monza MB

Mauro Calvi, Giuse Maggi, Giordano Redaelli, Roberto Spadea, Sonia Scaccabarozzi, Felice Terrabuio, Valeri Angelini, Filiberto Vago

If New York has Moma, Monza has MICROMUSEOMONZA. The museum is not located just anywhere, but on the ground floor of Casa della Luna Rossa at Via Lambro 1, one of the oldest residences in Monza, overlooking the central Piazza Duomo. The intent of the mimumo is to create a showcase where artists can exhibit artworks, installations, video art, and all forms of artistic expression for a period of two weeks. A temporary museum in support of creativity—it’s a museum worthy of the Guinness World Records: 2.29 square meters in size, open 365 days a year, twenty-four hours a day. The idea of Mimumo comes from architect Luca Acquati: “We want to provide a showcase for young and not so young TALENTS, exhibiting artworks, installations, video art, and all known and unknown forms of art, just for two weeks.” It’s also championed by Felice Terrabuio, also an architect, who, with the Streetartpiu association, promotes young talents and local artists. There’s room for everyone if there are ideas and genius.

Concept for the fair

The project, featuring 8 emerging artists, explores the complexities of the contemporary world. The works, while aesthetically different, are united by research and experimentation, reflecting the global historical climate of wars, psychological fragilities and future uncertainties.Innovative and daring, the project focuses on aesthetic experimentation through the creative use of salvaged materials such as plastic, paper and textiles. In addition to exploring new formal and stylistic content, the works investigate cultural transformation, with a sensitive look at the role of women in the future. Positioning itself between past and present, the project invites observers to an intimate and ironic view of the present world, stimulated by surprising shapes, colors and materials. With a keen eye on the latest trends, the project offers novel proposals that explore new contemporary visions in a sustainable way, using recycled materials. Plastic, geometric or figurative works, alongside pop images, construct visions of a fluid and indefinite present. The project offers a profound reflection on contemporaneity, capturing the nuances of an era marked by rapid change and uncertainty.

TerrA Memory (TAMY)

Felice Terrabuio

Dinamismo Kromatico

Roberto Spadea