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StayOnBoard Art Gallery

Via Gluck 62
Milano MI

Gunter Pusch, Elisa Muliere, Guido Nosari, Angelo Bertoglio, Francesco Costantino, Tamara Stefanini, Albina Yaloza

Stayonboard Art Gallery represents not only a gallery as a physical and exhibition space, but also a solidarity project with Art in service of artists and the public, projected into a universal journey of connections between artistic realities of different genres and nationalities, yet united by the awareness of being present in contemporary ‘space and time’ The gallery located at Via Gluck 62 was established 10 years ago as an exhibition space and consolidated in 2022 as an emerging international gallery with artists from 4 different countries. Stayonboard Art Gallery is based on the concept that art represents a “universal journey”. The Gallery, headquartered in Milan at Via Gluck 62, presents itself to the public as a “travelling space” that sails to places where art and culture meet the audience, choosing to debut its exhibitions during cultural events, art fairs, and at the heart of socio-cultural life, before moving to its stable space. The Gallery becomes the symbol of a ship that hosts artists and the public on a journey of mutual understanding, allowing the visitor who “boards” to experience the sensitivity of experienced Italian and international artists in a synergy between different art forms, from painting to sculpture, from photography to video installations. In a world grappling with the immediacy of visual communication and speed, Stayonboard responds with a quest for introspective art, encompassing painting, sculpture, installation, and visual art—a form of slow art. In the past 2 years, the gallery has participated in 6 nationally relevant art fairs, held 7 exhibitions in its gallery space, and organized 2 off-site exhibitions. Additionally, in collaboration with Chippendale Studio, it conceived the Milano Centrale Festival, which inaugurated its first edition in 2023, connecting 14 exhibition venues into a network. The STOB Art Gallery booth aims to capture the attention of collectors, industry professionals, and art enthusiasts through a curated selection of works by international artists who are innovatively exploring the key themes of our present time. united by a profound exploration of social and material themes.

Concept for the fair

Gunter Pusch (Landshut, 1962) presents a world where two seemingly discordant elements, such as nature and technology, engage in dialogue through both artisanal painting elements and mechanical printing processes.

Elisa Muliere (Tortona, 1981) focuses her research on gesture as a powerful tool of non-verbal communication capable of expressing emotions, ideas, and concepts in an immediate and visceral manner, transcending the realm of language.

In Guido Nosari’s world (Bergamo, 1984), images serve to explore the relationship between the body and clothing, understood as repositories of memories, recollections, and dreams.

Angelo Bertoglio (Pavia, 1952) conceives abstraction as the composition of both geometric and gestural elements, harmonizing the rational and the irrational spheres.

The works of Francesco Costantino (Palermo, 1986) speak a metropolitan language that combines intimacy and irreverence, bridging the history of art with youth culture.

Tamara Stefanini (Milan, 1962) paints an uncontaminated world, at times surreal and poetic, where the imagined Nature carries fantastic visions.

Albina Yaloza (Kharkiv, 1978) presents a new world that brings forth the spiritual sentiment from Nature in its various phases through the artisanal technique of linocut.

Portrait 1

Francesco Costantino

Piccola seduzione

Angelo Bertoglio


Tamara Stefanini


Gunter Pusch