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Nour Space

Bligny Avenue 42 – 20136 Milan MI
Karel Geertsstraat 31 – 2140 Antwerp BE

Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, Lu Yi-Dan

Spazio Nour, founded in 2014 in Milan, is a center for cultural exchange and artistic exploration. ‘Nour,’ meaning ‘light’ in Persian, reflects its mission to illuminate the city’s cultural landscape. Our gallery transcends conventional boundaries, offering a dynamic space where diverse perspectives converge. Rooted in the concept of social renewal, Nour Space fosters meaningful dialogues and transformative encounters.

Concept for the fair

At the heart of our exhibition philosophy for this edition of (un)fair is the Japanese concept of ‘Ma.’ Recognizing Ma as more than a pause in time or space, we embrace it as the essence of existence: a threshold where life unfolds and connections are made. It is within this space of possibility that artists Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi and Lu Yi-Dan converge to redefine perceptions and ignite contemplation. Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, based in Milan and Antwerp, blends heritage with innovation in his art. His work combines ancient traditions with contemporary visions, inviting viewers to explore temporal and cultural landscapes. In parallel, Lu Yi-Dan, a digital artist originally from China now in San Francisco, uses technology to explore the architecture of human society. Through his work, silence and stillness reveal insights into the human condition. As Mahmoud and Lu’s creations intersect in Ma’s realm, viewers are encouraged to interact with the interweaving of space and silence. Their artworks invite introspection and connection with the essence of being. In every stretch and pixel, in every moment of Ma, lies an invitation to explore interconnectedness and embrace the depth of silence.