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Colla super

via Pietro Crespi 13
20127 Milan MI

Francesco Buonfino, Matteo Fumagalli (aka Fumatto), Eric Tacchini, Marco Bertani

COLLA SUPER: Transcendental Exploration between Urban and Contemporary

Artistic Manifesto
Colla Super emerges as a multidisciplinary entity in which contemporary art and urban essence converge in a timeless dialogue. Our participation is an emanation of this fusion, supported by a conceptual conception that transcends traditional artistic boundaries.

Visual Convergence
Colla Super embraces a visual perspective that feeds on the tension between the concreteness of the street and contemporary abstraction. Our precisely curated selection explores the concept of liminality, offering a space where art challenges its own definition.

Transcendental Sensory Experience
In this conceptual dimension, Colla Super invites observers to immerse themselves in a transcendental sensory experience. Art becomes a medium for exploring the relationship between the individual and the environment, challenging predefined perceptions and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Conceptual Architecture
Our participation is presented as an act of conceptual architecture, in which the exhibited works become blocks of meaning in a constantly evolving cultural landscape. Colla Super aims to break conceptual chains, inviting the audience to reflect on the intrinsic meaning of art and its surroundings.

Futuristic Vision
Colla Super is not just a gallery, but a futuristic vision of connection and meaning. We invite you to explore this conceptual intersection, where art becomes a means of crossing mental boundaries and embracing beauty in unpredictability.

Concept for the fair

A selection of contemporary works by the collective Colla Super.