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Adrian Landon Brooks, Esther Pearl Watson, Bruce Lee Webb, Adam Young, Tom Russell, Sophie Roach

Texas’ vitality in the arts and culture, from visual arts to literature and music, is tangible today. Although in the collective imagination this great state is linked to depictions of cowboys and the desert, for some years now it has been regarded as the new frontier of art in the States. The art scene turns out to be particularly vibrant, divided between mainstream taste that is devoted mainly to the minimalist style and the many alternative researches that embody its more truthful and curious soul. Many artists, especially of the new generation, but not only, study and deepen the art forms of their own tradition, of a non-academic, folk, transient, borderline art, related to the terms Hobo (vagabond) and Folk (folk), characterized by expressive freedom and visual phantasmagoria, using recycled, poor materials, starting with the decoration of wood, which is one of the privileged supports.
The research of Antonio Colombo, who has always been attracted to the tradition of 20th-century folk and outsider art and cultural contaminations in general, therefore focuses on this border and frontier area in the heart of America and proposes for (un)fair six artists almost all of whom have never been seen before in Italy and some even in Europe.