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Bródy Sándor u. 36
1088 Budapest

Juan Brenner, András Gál, Andi Kaczibe, Patel Rebelo

TOBE Gallery focuses on contemporary photography. The gallery opened in October 2013 in the city of Budapest with the aim of providing an opportunity to present primarily Hungarian and Ibero-American artists in whom ambition for high-quality artistic expression is part of the idea of experimentation in their work. Recognized and emerging artists are exhibited and represented equally.
Since 2017, the gallery has increased its presence in the international scene by participating in recognized art fairs and festivals. How do you go from radical painting to concrete photography? Simply abstracting shapes and volumes directs us down this path. The mixture of artistic techniques opens up a range of possibilities for seeing and understanding the world around us.
TOBE’s program for (un)fair 2024 aims to achieve this intention. Six different artists and six different techniques are united in this “golden route,” present in the works both explicitly and theoretically. The intention is to expand the visual spectrum, bridging the gap between different media and establishing formal communication between them.

Concept for the fair

Golden rain. Gold, as a medium of transaction for humanity, has always been present not only in the financial field but also in the artistic field. The motivation to possess and display the yellow mineral is already part of the idosyncrasy of human beings, from pre-Columbian times to the present day. Through its booth proposal, TOBE aims to create an abstract representation of the possession and use of gold as an element of wealth, power, vanity and ego. Four artists, four very different mediums and approaches find a common representation of this topic, which will always be present in our lives.