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Guido Maifreni Avenue 54
46043 Castiglione delle Stiviere MN


Anaïs Beaulieu, Katsumi Komagata, Giada Yeya Montomoli, Enrico Pantani

Mutty is a cultural space with an independent bookstore and gallery that promotes the work of artists, illustrators and photographers. was founded in 2013 by Sandra Gobbato in Castiglione delle Stiviere, in the former Mutti blacksmiths’ workshop, and over the years has curated and organized exhibitions of Italian and international artists and illustrators including: Olimpia Zagnoli (La Grande Estate), Guido Scarabottolo (I manichini del Bazar di Kashan), Gus Powell (The Lonely Ones), Anaïs Beaulieu (Stitches out of Time), Lorenzo Mattotti (Patagonia). Mutty’s research has evolved over the years to include fine arts, photography, and multidisciplinary approaches.

Concept for the fair

For the third edition of (un)Fair, Mutty presents a group show with original works and some new works by: Anaïs Beaulieu, Katsumi Komagata, Giada Yeya Montomoli and Enrico Pantani.