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MONAT Gallery

Calle de los Estudios, 7
28012 Madris ES
info@monatgallery.com / monatgallery@gmail.com

Abir Almajed, MAreitio – Marina Areitio, Jorge Omeñaca, Fydia Studio, Kériiyada, Florentino Resille, Justin Chan, Naho Awaji, Michael Munck, Ellya Zilsky, Mara Torres León, Jean Jacques, Irina Barsuk, Natalia Gleason, Gamze Seckin, Olek Chlastawa, Pinar Civan, Sarah Soh, Emma Moulton, Karen Uribarri, Caroline Pinzer, Izim Cetindag, Inly, Lucia Heumann, Hyebin Han, Roshens, Paulina Saínza, Tine Wermuth, Christopher A. Jackson, Heb Fotografie (Erna Bohre), Susanne Herrmann

MONAT Gallery is an art space that aims at innovation and constant renewal of the Art Market. The goal is to reach every corner of the world in the most modern way possible. The gallery, based in the heart of Madrid’s old town, works to build a connection between modern and contemporary, between emerging and professional artists, through collaborations with collectors from around the world.

Thanks to the presence of several professional art curators, MONAT Gallery also offers international representation services at art fairs, as well as the possibility to participate in group digital exhibitions. The latter are organized inside the gallery, in a space specifically designed to generate an immersive experience.

The project for the new edition of (un)fair is about the different perspectives towards art, and covers all the possibilities offered by the interior design sector. Through the works of the artists, their own “inner self” is exposed. And so, just as we are all interconnected in today’s globalized world, in the same way these works are connected to those collectors who will select them and bring them into their homes.