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Alissa Marchenko, Catherine Leo, Gianluca Patti, Jacopo Prina, LibriBianchi, Paolo Treni, Sonia Scaccabarozzi

BIANCHIZARDIN ARTE CONTEMPORANEA è uno spazio artistico situato in via Maroncelli 14 a Milano. The gallery carries out research studies on contemporary art, studies which, through collaborations with artists, curators and collectors, lead to different activities including: exhibition projects for the production of exhibitions, fairs and publications; training tools; moments of meeting, comparison and study with professionals and art enthusiasts.

BIANCHIZARDIN ARTE CONTEMPORANEA’s goal is to participate in the international artistic contemporaneity through a profound process of study and research, aimed at cultural, personal and collective growth. To achieve this goal, the gallery commits efforts and skills to support the artists by promoting their work with the most important means of dissemination.

For (un)fair 2023, BIANCHIZARDIN ARTE CONTEMPORANEA brings a project that starts from nature, which is inextricably linked to art and which represents an inexhaustible source of shapes and colors from which artists have always taken inspiration. Over time, artists have followed and supported the changes in our planet, including the environmental crisis.

Today, in many aspects of the artistic scenario, the concept of sustainability is gaining more and more space, both in terms of the materials with which the works are produced and in the choice of themes they explore. The BIANCHIZARDIN ARTE CONTEMPORANEA project intends to bring together different stories, techniques and visions of the contemporary art scene in a heterogeneous group of artists, enclosing the mirror of our society in a chorus of voices.