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Omar Hassan, Barbara Nejrotti, Nadia Fanelli

According to the Heraclitean perspective, time is configured as a vigorous river, perpetually moving and lacking defined boundaries. Generated by the incessant succession of instants, this fluid matter gives rise to a dynamic continuum that transforms our everyday life into an uninterrupted experience. By considering time as an “object” of becoming, guiding us through the many facets of existence, it is possible to examine and break it down to offer a vision in tune with one’s expressive language. The work carried out by artists Omar Hassan, Barbara Nejrotti and Nadia Fanelli, distinctly indicates a spatio-temporal analysis that translates this decomposition into a visual experience, in which “suspended time” is expressed through shadows, signs, traces. Here, then, is the “extroverted time” represented by Barbara Nejrotti, who folds, sews and dilates temporality into geometric forms on monochrome backgrounds; the “imprinted time” presented by Omar Hassan, who with intense and recognizable gesture, controls and rhythms the polychromatic explosion of matter; and finally, the “sedimented time” described by Nadia Fanelli, which manifests itself in narrative compositions that deeply explore the facets of the individual and the ways in which he perceives reality. The phases of time, as keys, are layered on the canvas and highlight the artistic intent to seal moments and instants into a conceptually eternal moment. Within this framework, then, are works that express and decode the complexity and richness of time, not just as a chronological flux, but as a dimension imbued with nuances and meanings that challenge and enrich our human experience.