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FMArt Studio Contemporary Art

Via Boito, 49a
20900 Monza MB


FMArt Studio proposes itself as a new actor in the Monza exhibition scene, promoting the work of both young emerging artists and artists already established on the national and international scene. Particular attention is given to collectors, eager to share the beauty and history of the works in their possession, to people already close to the art world and to those entering it for the first time.

Concept for the fair

We continue our artistic collaboration with emerging artist Tris.to.Quad, who combines art and technology within a multidisciplinary approach in which rules and algorithms become tools on which to build a constantly evolving production. His works are based on the coexistence of technology and creativity, of man and machine, and give rise to images that, through the application of geometric and artistic knowledge, aim to question and stimulate the viewer’s imagination. We present on this occasion in addition to his latest work on Dibond aluminum, his early studies on the possibilities offered by fine art printing.