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Elena Ferrari Art – Luxury & Design

Ronal Bejarano

Concept for the fair

The works of the artist, a native of Honduras, oscillate in a permanent illusion between figuration and abstraction, figure and background, light and dark. Strong, bright, and often complementary colors foster this visual interplay of characters immersed in a monochromatic, perspective-free, infinite space. Visually reading Bejarano’s works is a multi-layered process: what one perceives at first glance is only the tip of the iceberg of an aesthetic experience that goes beyond the subjects depicted, because one does not identify at first glance the intrinsic essence of his paintings. The secret is the cleanliness of the gaze, in a search for the essence, for truth amplified by the stylization of the figures represented that go beyond the real because what interests the artist are the actions, gestures, embraces, and falls. Through a personal style that harks back to the ambivalent images of visual education, the acrylic color material is made up of flat, smooth, continuous spreads that gradually eliminate details and flow like an energy that is never fixed in opposition to the plastic, static poses chosen to represent his subjects.