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Via Don Angelo Straiotto Arciprete 5
35035 Mestrino PD

Martina Biolo, Barbara Mihályi, Maria Pilotto, Jacques Salerno

extradeposito is a space founded in 2023.
Its purpose is to develop, support and promote emerging art. Through different approaches, experiments, and research, extradeposito gives space for young emerging artists to start and tackle the world of art

Concept for the fair

For the 2024 edition of (un)fair, artists Martina Biolo (Padua, 1996), Barbara Mihályi (Miskolc, HUN, 1988), Maria Pilotto (Padua, 1996) and Jacques Salerno (Foggia, 1994) interpret the theme through: painting, sculpture and installation.
The observer will interface with different realities and approaches that, however, identify a social and cultural urgency: forgotten traditions and histories; the pain, inadequacy, but also happiness and tenderness of motherhood; the difficulties that mothers face alone, invisibly; the rediscovery of their ancient origins and family places that are often far away; the acceptance of change and the psychological and gender transition path.
Here, then, we find ceramic vases made with the patchwork technique that take us back to forgotten traditions and cultures, paintings that lay bare the frailties and strengths of women, family “photos” on watercolor that can represent those of us all, and an installation that reminds us of the path to eternal beauty, but how it can be fragile if not preserved and respected.