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Via della Pietà, 11
08100 Nuoro NU


Ruggero Baragliu, Paolo Pibi, Silvia Idili, Marco Useli, Tonino Mattu, Bachis, Crisa

MANCASPAZIO is a stone’s throw away from what for Nuoro was the most significant art gallery until the 1990s, Sandra Piras’ Chironi88, a key figure in the island’s art scene whose exhibitions were a trailblazer for the visual avant-garde in Sardinia. Following the thread and teaching of Chironi88, MANCASPAZIO was created for the discovery or rediscovery of contemporary artists, leaving open the dialogue with the historicized ones, whose works are still unpublished and of particular interest. Each MANCASPAZIO exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual catalog, illustrated by Nelly Dietzel’s photographs, edited in graphics by Sara Manca accompanied by Chiara Manca’s texts translated by Shahrazad Hassan.

Concept for the fair

MANCASPAZIO at (Un)Fair 2024 presents an exhibit that chronicles the artist’s studio of a contemporary painter. The walls of the booth will be covered with transparent PVC on which artist Ruggero Baragliu “unloaded” his brushes during the production of his latest paintings. The transparent spaces, from which the white wall can be glimpsed, used by the artist to lay the canvases, will display the works of 7 Sardinian artists with whom the mancaspazio gallery has been collaborating for years, as well as some of the most appreciated artists on the island. The installation is inspired by assiduous attendance at artist’s studios and the dialogue that is created between painter and curator on these occasions, and by the desire to show even the general public an environment that is often interdicted to non-“insiders.”

Portrait of Berlin


Lost in traslation

Ruggero Baragiu