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Via Maroncelli, 12
20154 Milano MI

Shaul Knaz, Daniel Gonçalves, Gaetano Gentile, Davide Cicolani, Raffaele Capuana, Michele Berton, Samaneh Atef

Maroncelli 12 began its exhibition activity in 2014 proposing itself as one of the first Italian galleries where to explore the world of “Art Brut”, “Outsider art”, or “Nonmainstream art”, so little known in Italy.

The gallery represents past and new generations of self-taught artists whose works remains authentic and visionary.

The aim is to make Outsider Art dialogue with the various trends of contemporary art, focusing on quality. The common thread linking the exhibition activity is its uniqueness, its integrity and authenticity, its reflection of the relationship with the land.

Concept for the fair

Unique in their diversity, the works in the exhibition meet the requirement of visionary. Our exhibition project sees Outsider artists dialoguing with contemporary artists who have made an irregular path their stylistic signature. For the first time at Unfair Milan, the feminine graphics, between the dramatic and the fairy-tale, of Samaneh Atef, an Iranian artist living in exile in Lyon, France. Davide Cicolani’s rare creatures dialogue with Raffaele Capuana’s “marine” introspections and Sahul Knaz’s humanity. And then universal emotions: Michele Berton’s “waves of probability” merge with Gaetano Gentile’s chromatics to confront Daniel Gonçalves’ mediumistic geometries.