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silviarossi | artgallery

Via G. Borghi, 80
52011 Bibbiena AR

Linda Aquaro, Ersilia Leonini, Elia Fiumicelli, Domenico Silvestri

silviarossi | artgallery, a gallery initially known as ExpArt Studio & Gallery, was founded in 2010 and has evolved over time, changing its name in 2020. The space presents itself as an environment where art represents a tool for communicating and interacting, a symbolic place where the web makes it possible to make a free artistic approach accessible to all. Inside it coexist various souls aimed at the search for beauty and individual free expression, so much so that since 2020 there are also a tattoo studio and a graphics studio.

Concept for the fair

INTRO\ESTRO SPEECTIONS represents the essence of our booth, which will feature the works of four distinguished figurative artists. Each of them uniquely and personally explores the concept of the human figure, turning their vision into a fascinating artistic expression. The title itself, INTRO\ESTRO SPEECTIONS, embodies the complex and multilayered approach of this exhibition. On the one hand, the deep introspection of some artists offers an intimate look at individual emotions and perceptions. On the other, the flair and communicativeness of other artists are translated into works that reflect and analyze the outside world. This exhibition project offers a rich and multifaceted spectrum of interpretations of the human figure, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a journey through various artistic perspectives, providing an overview of contemporary figuration.