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Art without the artist

ARTƎCONOMY® is a project developed by the Five Gallery in Lugano. Art without the artist is the mantra, a provocation that, in an ironic and irreverent way, wants to overcome the very concept of artist.

It is a movement that merges art and economy, making the latter an essential element of the work and transforming the role of the artist into superfluous. The idea was born as a provocative response to the excessive weight that finance and the economy have achieved in the art world. By eliminating the figure of the artist and using terms proper to the financial world, the imbalance between art and economy in favor of the latter becomes evident. “ARTƎCONOMY®” offers a series of works that are all the same yet different, whose sales mechanism is an integral part of the work itself.

This concept is also described during the new edition of (un)fair through a 93x83cm work, made up of a cut of recycled carbon fiber using an innovative (patented) industrial process, inserted into two glass plates and framed with a frame of black wood.

The work is mass-produced and infinitely progressively numbered: anyone can buy it, but at the same time its collector is also unique, because each part of the carbon is imperceptibly different. ARTƎCONOMY®” finds expression in the movement of the selling price: starting from a price of 500 CHF for “the number 1”, the value increases steadily (100 CHF) with each work sold. “Number 2” is worth 600 CHF, “Number 3” 700 CHF, and so on. The constant increase in price is not linked to the increase in demand, but represents the emotion that every collector feels at the time of purchase.