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Hoogstraat 85
3111 HC Schiedam Rotterdam NL

Thierno Diallo, Kingsley Ogwara, Sanda Amadou, Steve Bandoma, Serge Diama, Syl Loko, Casca

OpenArtExchange is a young gallery, an independent art space with an international scope created to increase diversity in the international art market. The goal is to provide commercial access for non-Western contemporary artists to the international art market. In the past 5 years, the gallery has specialized in contemporary African art, particularly from West African countries (mainly Benin,Nigeria,Togo, but also Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Mali) and toward the central-horn of Africa (Angola and Congo). The gallery participates only in one specialized African contemporary art fair (AKAA Paris) and mainly in generalist contemporary art fairs in Europe/Schengen.

Concept for the fair

OpenArtExchange brings to (un)fair a diverse selection of recently created contemporary African artworks, in various styles and techniques, of various sizes and prices, spanning countries and generations. From established artists who go through auctions and museum exhibits to emerging talents newly discovered by the international market. What binds them is their unique signature, exceptional talent and a certain unquestionable African touch. Visit the pages devoted to artists at: www.openartexchange.com. On show: Thierno Diallo (Mali), Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg/Nigeria), Sanda Amadou (Benin), Steve Bandoma (DR Congo), Serge Diama (DR Congo), Syl Loko (Benin), Casca (Portugal/Angola). You are warmly invited to booth C5 to immerse yourself in the art of Africa today.