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GMOHI by Samuel Akinruli
How much do we want to expose and exhibit of our identity?
Where does the concept of public and private area start and where does it end?
What choices do we make that then determine the creation of schemes?

Take the time you need. GEOGRAPHICAL MUSEUM OF HUMAN IDENTITIES is an activity of shared geography and space limits. It also reflects on issues of surveillance, permits, colors, and trade-offs.

Take part in the workshop that opens a reflection on identity, led by A mas.ing.
Compose your portrait starting from the objects in your bag, or in your pockets.
What do they tell about you?

When: friday, saturday and sunday at 10am.

How to join: booking required. Limited availability. The experience takes place behind the fair’s closed doors, one hour before the opening time to the public. We kindly ask you to purchase the ticket for the day before your arrival.