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Spazio Nour Art Gallery

Viale Bligny, 42 – Karel Geertsstraat, 31
20136 Milano MI – 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp BE

Giuseppe Palmisano

Spazio Nour Art Gallery is an art project and an innovative art gallery born in 2014 in Viale Bligny 42, Milan, from an idea of ​​the visual artist Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi.

Spazio Nour promotes artists: mutual trust and encouragement are the key elements for building a stable, successful and stimulating environment. The gallery provides a platform for connecting artists, art lovers and buyers, where everyone has the freedom to discover and be inspired. Currently Spazio Nour collaborates with an international team of curators, artists, writers and activists. It is also a meeting place for professional artists and art lovers from all walks of life and culture.

The key is art meant as the expression and application of human creative ability and imagination. Art possesses beauty, strong emotional power, and impact on individuals. This is where the fulcrum of Spazio Nour lies: believing in the power of the arts and artists to tell stories, change social realities and people’s lives. It is an infinite circle that aims to listen, to speak, to translate and to maintain an intense dialogue between the public, the arts and artists. And these are precisely the concepts that Spazio Nour wants to convey in the new edition of (un)fair, showcasing the works of the contemporary artist Giuseppe Palmisano.