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Nástupište 1-12/ Platform 1-12

Bernolakova, 2112
95501 Topolkani SK

Maria Čorejova, Martin Derner, Juraj Florek, Juraj Toman

Multimedia space for contemporary culture, Nástupište 1-12/ Platform 1-12 has been based since 2011 in Topolkani, Slovakia, precisely in the public underpass of the bus station. In this way the public area is used as a platform for presenting contemporary art, sound performances, theater and many other educational activities, such as seminars and workshops. There is also a second small space called Pavilion N1-12, located in the countryside outside the city and open from June to September. Since 2013, the organization has also been collaborating internationally, in Europe and the United States, with the “Regular Line” project, with the aim of presenting Slovak contemporary art abroad.

The project for the fair includes an exhibition of artists with varied backgrounds and with very different styles and techniques: they are Maria Čorejova, Martin Derner, Juraj Florek and Juraj Toman. In their diversity, what unites them is the willingness to use contemporary art to explore today’s major issues, creating works that reflect the diversity and complexity of modern society, seen through the perspectives of the artists themselves.