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GALP arte contemporanea

Piazza Italia 22077
Olgiate Comasco CO
+39 031 94 40 63

Silvia Trappa, Stefano Bombardieri, Valeria Patrizi, Angelo Barile, Kristina Milakovic, Fabrizio Pozzoli, Mauro Paparella

Galleria GALP is a reality founded in 1984 in Olgiate Comasco, dedicated to the exhibition and sale of works of art. The exhibition project proposed to Un(Fair) involves seven young contemporary artists. The present is the fil rouge that connects the works of these four artists, a present interpreted through different techniques and subjects by each one. The paper-mâché children of Silvia Trappa represent the different ethnicities, personalities and experiences with which the artist is daily confronted, during her art therapy workshops. In Valeria Patrizi canvases, safe and direct women, have a strong bond with nature, represented through delicate animal figures, painted on raw cotton canvas treated with gentle materials. The sculptor Fabrizio Pozzoli represents the balance of the parts with the whole, through the wire, showing how the world is complex and unique Kristina Milakovic expresses her personal view of reality, through strong colors that capture the eye. The sculptures by Stefano Bombardieri try to bridle the power of nature with ropes and straps, forcing it to watch helplessly its own extinction. The colorful pop subjects by Angelo Barile, represented in a classical key, underline the importance of looking to the future keeping a look at the past Mauro Paparella, finally, transports the frenzy of the city by freezing it in black and white and dominating it with the sinuosity and elegance of the athletic figures placed in the foreground