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Galleria Artequadri

Via Borgo Padova, 66,

Camposampiero PD

+39 049 57 90 979



Paolo Fumagalli, Paolo Brugiolo, Feliciana More, Michele Liparesi, Claudio Gotti

Artequadri Gallery was founded in 1974. They exhibit a curated selection of contemporary and classic works from emerging artists.

Over it’s 40 years of activity, the gallery has created exclusive relationships with it’s artists, based on their skills, originality, uniqueness, and their ability to evolve their artistic language.

The gallery works in synergy with other art galleries from Italy (like Venice, Trieste, Palermo, Padova, Milan and Genova) and abroad (England, France and The Netherlands) to organise different kinds of events to promote the artists in new contexts and countries. In 2018, the gallery created its own ecommerce platform called “Fluidofiume Art Gallery”, in order to promote online sales. During the fair, Artequadri will exhibit artworks from their resident artists. The project includes a variety of productions and influences, from street art to abstract art, from pop art to conceptual, environmentally focused, art. There are also works from artists in different stages of their career; from young artists at the beginning of their career, to established artists at the peak of their career.