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via Giacomo Boni 37
20144 Milano
T. +393484706138

Alessandro Gottardo (akaShout), Lele Luzzati, Altan, Isabella Staino, Gianfranco Asveri, Lucia Pescador, Marianna Bussola, Shuhei Matsuyama, Tullio Pericoli, Adriana Naveh, Enrico Macchiavello, Riccardo Dalisi

Artematta was founded in 1996 with a desire to get in the art market offering sketches and high quality illustrations.
The gallery came from an idea of Emanuele Luzzati. His work of art “Pinocchio all’Osteria del Gambero Rosso” was the first work for the Gallery. A very limited-edition silk-screen print – now sold out – came only few months later, which they considered their lucky charm. From that moment, more than 90 works of Lele Luzzati have been published under the brand Artematta.
Over the years, the gallery started to collaborate with different kinds of artists. The gallery chooses artists not based only on their technical abilities, but for the emotions that come out from their work of art. Today, in the catalogue of the gallery, there are different types of works; silk-screen prints, etching and lithography. These works are from famous artists, but also from the new, young generation of artists, recognised by the market for their quality and potential.
In 2020 the brand was renovated and registered under the new name of Artemattamilano.

Ichi go ichi e


Studio per un Pinocchio con cappellino rosso


L'isola verde


Dulcamara, Elisir d'amore