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Ambre Italia Group

Piazza Martiri della Libertà
28047 Oleggio NO
+ 393939743869

Silvia Brambilla, Carla Giulia Rescaldani, Cate Maggia, Nadia Anna Crosignani, Paolo Sangalli, Anna Galli, Valeria Angelini

Ambre Italia Group represents a non-profit group of people united by the common passion for art, with the will to create popular events in search of beauty.

The exhibition project theme for (un)fair is planetary interconnection. Humanity now understands that we are all interconnected, we are part of the same Earth. Art can help us to have a forward-looking view of human evolution based on personal maturation and understanding of the laws that govern life of universe. Art has specific tasks: to educate in beauty, to create sensitivity, to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of people and the distinction of cultures and peoples, to appreciate the different individual, cultural and environmental vocations, qualities and attitudes.